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Flaherty Primary School Library Media Center



Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!!!


Whole class library checkout will be held on Thursday/Friday this year during your child's library time

(See schedule below)


The library is also open for checkout on Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings 8:00-8:30 for students who have already read and AR tested on their library book(s). (Unless whole class checkout is already scheduled on that day.)


Checkout Dates:

Week of August 14 (No kindergarten checkout)

Week of August 28 (Kindergarten checkout begins)

Week of September 11

Week of September 24

Week of October 9

Week of October 23

Week of November 6

Week of November 27

Week of December 11


Classes checking out on Thursdays:

Thompson, Wilson, Rice, Haynes, Bednar, Smith, WardripStory, Ray


Classes checking out on Fridays:

Whelan, Sermonis, Santos, Webb, Hesse, Ford, Childres, Rowlett

Book Fair will be held

September 15 during Fall Festival-

September 21