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2016-2017 Wellness Policy
Posted On:
Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Wellness Policy

All students shall participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity each day, as follows:

 *Each student, regardless of behavior (unless unsafe to self or others) or academic performance, will have the opportunity to participate in a minimum of fifty-five minutes of physical activity daily. This can be achieved through participation in practical living class and teacher directed activity, or etc.

 *Teachers shall make all reasonable efforts to avoid periods of more than 60 minutes when students are physically inactive. When possible, physical activity should be integrated into learning activities.

 *Appropriate accommodations shall be made for students with special needs, as required by law and sound professional judgment.

Flaherty’s staff shall assess students’ level of physical activity once a year using the physical activity log provided by the Meade County Board of Education.

Our school staff shall encourage healthy choices among students using the following methods:

*Flaherty school shall implement the nutritional standards required by federal and state laws and regulations. Those rules apply to our food program and to other food and beverages available during the school day.

 *Flaherty’s Practical Living curriculum shall address the full Core Content, including health, consumerism, nutrition, and physical education.

 *Staff should limit the use of candy as rewards. Alternate rewards would include, but not be limited to, PRIDE bucks, extra recess, school supplies, verbal praise, special privileges,  etc.

 *Teachers should encourage parents to provide healthy foods and snacks for school parties, celebrations and/or functions.

 *Students shall participate in practical living class and teacher directed activity daily.

The provisions of this policy shall be implemented to comply with provisions required by federal law, state law, or local board policy.

                                                                                         Reviewed & Amended 3-5-15

  Reviewed & Amended 8-20-15

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